One of the largest watch and jewelery shows in the world goes back to the Schweizer Mustermesse Basel (MUBA) "Sample Basel, Basel, Switzerland" originally held in 1917. Today, Basel Jewelry Fair has become a grand gathering of jewelry and watch industry. The total exhibition area is about160,000 square meters, more than 2,000 exhibitors each year, nearly 100,000 professional audiences and nearly 2,500 international media outlets.
巴塞尔钟表珠宝展览会是世界上最大的钟表珠宝展之一,可以追溯到最初举办于1917年的Schweizer Mustermesse Basel(MUBA)“瑞士巴塞尔样品博览会”。发展到今天,巴塞尔珠宝展已成为了珠宝钟表业的盛大集会。展会的总面积约为16万平方米,每年有2000多位展商参展,近10万专业的观众买家和近2500家国际媒体。
Watch Exhibition venue distribution
2018 Basel International Jewelery & Watches Exhibition Hall Distribution Detailed
The annual Baselworld 2018 will be held at the Basel Exhibition Center from March 22 to March 27, 2018. Baselworld brings together the world's most prestigious premium brands, budding design talent, and the best retailers and global media. Each year, Baselworld is selected by more than 2,000 brands from more than 40 countries, taking the well-designed multi-storey pavilion of 160,000 square meters as the main platform to showcase their ideas, innovations and latest products. At the same time, there will be 150,000 participants and 4,000 media representatives gathered here, L'conscience Artisan brand will also send exhibitors team to the first time the exhibition booth.
At present, the distribution of the exhibition hall brand has been announced. In fact, the distribution of the exhibition hall this year is not much different from that in the past. Hall 1 is Global Brands, Hall 2 is International Brands, Hall 3 is Related Branches ), Hall 4 is National Pavilions (mainly domestic brands), and Hall 5. So that everyone can get a general understanding of the distribution of each type of brand hall.
一年一度的巴塞尔国际钟表珠宝博览会(Baselworld 2018)将于2018322~27日在巴塞尔展览馆举行。Baselworld汇聚了全世界最负盛名的高端品牌、崭露头角的设计人才以及最优秀的零售商和全球媒体。每年,来自40多个国家的2000多个品牌选择Baselworld,把设计不凡的、面积16万平方米的多层展馆作为展示他们的创意、革新和最新商品的主要平台。同时,会有15万的参会来宾和4000名媒体代表汇聚于此,L’conscience Artisan品牌也将派遣参展团队第一时间赴巴展现场。
目前展馆品牌分布情况已经公布,今年的展馆分布其实和以往并没有太大的差异,一号馆为Global Brands,二号馆为International Brands,三号馆为Related Branches(以珠宝品牌为主),四号馆为National Pavilions(以国产品牌为主),以及五号馆。这样大家就能够大体的了解每一个展馆品牌类型的分布情况。
Split between Geneva and Zurich, URWERK is a byword for creative efficiency and efficient creativity, thanks to the blend of rigorous Swiss German watchmaking culture and Swiss French traditional watchmaking culture.
URWERK has assembled a highly talented team armed with a host of skills: concept, design, sketches, 2D drawings, 3D modeling, technical plans, manufacturing, micro-engineering, machining, assembling, watchmaking, finishing and decoration, prototyping, testing and adaptation, sales, marketing and communication.
All the team are united with the common goal of horological excellence.
URWERK 品牌由制表大师菲利克斯·鲍姆加特纳(Felix Baumgartner)1995年创立。URWERK严格融合了瑞士与法国传统制表文化,其创作方向不是偏重于机芯技术方面,而是 在于时间指示形式和外部壳与带的设计。目前URWERK 品牌分别在日内瓦和苏黎世组建了第多支创作团队。
Andreas Strehler4
Andreas Strehler is an independent watchmaker. He designs and constructs movements and also manufactures movements and components for other brands. Hence, Andreas Strehler is indeed an Engineer for the Brands and a Watchmaker for the Few.
Andreas Strehler designs and builds the watches bearing his name. Each watch is made as it would have been made a hundred years ago: The components of the movements are manufactured in-house, each component is meticulously finished and each watch is individually assembled by hand. On the other hand, Andreas Strehler designs his movements to the most stringent industry standards, using state of the art design and construction software. Further, each component is designed in such a way that an experienced watchmaker, given time and skill, will manage to rebuild it if necessary, using traditional watchmakers’ tools and materials.
The result is watches with the value and beauty of an age gone by but with the precision, reliability and longevity of a modern watch.
1995年,制表大师安德烈亚斯· 斯特雷勒(Andreas Strehler )创立以自己的名字命名的品牌"Andreas Strehler"。安德烈亚斯· 斯特雷勒崇尚现代艺术、新艺术以及装饰艺术,尤其是欣赏19世纪末工业建筑的结构美学,这也是他日后推出的蝴蝶造型机芯表桥的灵感源泉。因此,Andreas Strehler品牌按照行业最严格的标准,使用最先进的施工软件作设计。
Philippe Dufour
Philippe Dufour a pris ses aises sur le stand de Greubel Forsey lors du Salon international de la Haute Horlogerie 2013. Rien de fortuit à cela, c’est avec Robert Greubel et Stephen Forsey qu’il a initié l’an dernier le projet « Naissance d’une montre », visant à « sauvegarder, perpétuer et transmettre l’excellence du savoir-faire horloger pour les générations futures ». Concrètement, devant la perte du fameux « tour de main » indispensable à la mesure du temps de tradition, les trois hommes ont décidé de transmettre leurs expériences à un jeune horloger chargé de réaliser une mini-série de garde-temps à l’ancienne. En l’occurrence une montre-bracelet tourbillon, trois aiguilles à remontage manuel. Seule incartade permise, l’utilisation de logiciels pour la réalisation des plans techniques. Pour le reste, tout est produit sur des machines qu’utilisaient les précédentes générations d’horlogers et qui sont par ailleurs très familières à Philippe Dufour.
1989年,独立制表师菲利普·杜福尔(Philippe Dufour)正式成立以自己的名字的品牌“Philippe Dufour”。当人们热衷各种复杂功能的手表时,菲利普·杜福尔却化复为简构建设计简单的小三针走时功能手表,旨在为后代保护,延续和传递卓越的制表知识。Philippe Dufour用最传统的瑞士制表技术生产,实现全手工打造手表的古法技艺近乎于苛刻的打磨,让最普通的款式做到了最不普通的高水准。